Some of our most frequently asked questions:

What is Women Overlanding the World?

We are an active group of women traveling around the world in our own vehicles, whether they are motorcycles, motorhomes, 4x4s with roof-top tents, vans, pick-up campers, bicycles, etc. As long as you are a woman who has traveled, is currently traveling, or plans to travel in this way, then you are also a Woman Overlanding the World. 

Why Women Overlanding the World Retreats?

Women’s adventure trips are everywhere right now! You have your choice of amazing experiences around the world. What you will find with WOW retreats that you won’t see anywhere else, is the chance to be self-supported by your own vehicle during the whole trip. No crowded shuttles or stinky buses, just your own seat in a comfy overlander rig each day. You will also have the chance to get behind the wheel and do a little “real” overlanding! We’ll cross rivers, drive around low hanging vines in the jungle, and cross sandy beaches all in pursuit of the most beautiful spots and the best campsites!

What are the qualifications of the guides for my trip?

Your guides will be a combination of former or current overlanders, and locals with incredible knowledge of vehicle-supported travel and the Costa Rican experience. We require all of our guides be First-Aid certified, and that they have a knowledge of basic Spanish. With a 1-4 guide to guest ratio, we are able to stack your trip with incredibly talented women that all bring something unique and vital to the experience. Click here for more information on your guides!

We will be combining true overlanding - meaning sleeping in a roof-top tent on an amazing beach or in the mountains - with boutique Costa Rican hotels. We know this is first and foremost a vacation, so we plan to spend no more than two nights camping, and then get you back to civilization where you can have a nice shower and a comfy bed. But we have a feeling you’ll be just as excited to get back to the tent after a night in the hotel!

Where will we be staying during the trip?

Two of our founders, Sunny and Karin of The Vagabroads, had never camped before they bought their Land Cruiser and roof-top tent and drove it to Panama and back. Another of our guides, Ashley of Desk to Glory, had never spent a night in a roof-top tent until the first night of her trip from Canada to Argentina. Moral of the story, anyone can do this! It’s fun to get out of your comfort zone and try something new! And we’re here to help. We’ll teach you how to drive through mud, forge a river-crossing, set-up your roof-top tent, and make the best damn margarita you’ve ever had, right on your own tailgate!

What if I’ve never driven off-road or been overlanding?

Sounds like you should bring a friend!! But if that doesn’t work out then we have a couple options. We will do our best to pair single travelers with others who share interests and life experiences and get you in touch with each other prior to the start of the trip. That way by the time you meet each other on the first day, you’ll feel like old friends.
-If that still doesn’t seem like the best option for you, we can arrange for single accommodations, though that will mean some additional fees.

What if I don’t feel comfortable sharing a tent or a hotel room?

No, you don’t need to bring any extra USD with you. When you arrive in the airport, we will be there to meet you and our first stop will be the ATM to help you pull out local currency for spending money during your trip. Just make sure to let your bank know before you leave the country!

Almost everything will be included throughout your trip except a couple additional excursions, gratuities for outside guides, and additional alcoholic beverages beyond what we provide (which will be generous). You’ll have chances to replenish throughout the trip if you plan to buy souvenirs, but remember space during the trip is limited!

Do I need to bring cash? Will I need to exchange money?

The weather is going to be warm and wet in Costa Rica, as usual! Click here for our downloadable Packing List for everything you need to bring. When you register for your trip, we send you a WOW duffle that is your main bag and you can bring one additional personal bag for daily use. Space is limited so don’t overpack. Plus, you need room for all the WOW swag we plan to send you home with!

What kind of gear and clothing do I need to bring with me?

No! Costa Rica is easy get around without any Spanish and your guides will have enough for any necessary encounters. However, it always enrichs the experience if you can speak a little of the local lingo! Try to brush up on those conversational phrases like “Como estas?” and “Uno mas cerveza, por favor!”

Do I need to be able to speak Spanish?