What’s in a Women Overlanding the World Retreats SWAG Bag?

Revel Gear Trail Hound 30’ Lights

How do we light up camp for 18+ people in the Costa Rican Jungle? With our Revel Gear Trail Hound Camping Lights! These lights string up quickly and easily to light up our common spaces and tents alike, and offer us 6 different settings to set the mood. All you need is a USB port or external battery and you’re good to go. We’ve used the Day Tripper Battery Pack with ours which allows us to light up camp all night long and still have enough charge to fill your cell phone battery for the next day! 

Buy your Revel lights HERE

Photo Credit:  Desk to Glory

Photo Credit: Desk to Glory

Tinklebelle (Female Urination Device)

Road-tripping as a woman is just a little different than as a man. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to just pull over, jump out, and pee next to the truck with no concern about privacy, splatter, TP, or hand sanitizer. Well we tested out the Tinklebelle during our last trip, and though it’s not the same as having your own equipment, it may be the next best thing! It eliminates the need to take down your pants, pop a squat, even the need to use toilet paper. If you want a really simple way to pee outdoors without all the hassles that having girl parts comes with, then we think you should definitely try the Tinklebelle… preferably in the shower first…

Learn more about the Tinklebelle at www.thetinklebelle.com


Ergodyne Medium Duffel Bag

A durable bag is essential for International travel! You never know what can happen when you check your bag or throw it in the back of a loaded bus, so having a tough, sturdy bag that keeps your belongings safe is a must! Another must for us while traveling in Costa Rica is water-resistance and this heavy duty tarpaulin material is perfect for keeping your things dry in those unexpected Costa Rican downpours. For our trips we prefer the Medium Size which has more than enough space for a 10 Day trip!

Photo Credit:  Desk to Glory

Photo Credit: Desk to Glory

Turkish Towel

The value of a good towel on the road can not be understated. This becomes your go to for throwing out on the beach, taking with you at the amazing waterfalls you visit, and of course for your weekly shower… ok even most overlanders shower more often than that. But it’s super important to have a towel that is quick-drying so it can be packed away after use without getting mildew, and something that is highly absorbent so you can dry off quickly and get back on the road! We love these towels for exactly those reasons! Plus they’re super cute and pack down nicely to fit in your day pack!

Photo Credit:  Desk to Glory

Photo Credit: Desk to Glory

WOW Branded Gear

We can’t forget to mention our favorite items on the list, our WOW Branded Apparel and Gear! Each guest on our trip gets a WOW hat with a Costa Rica beach scene, their choice of a t-shirt or tank top, a WOW insulated tumbler, and MORE!

You can get your own WOW gear in our store HERE