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WOW Overlanding Retreats

  • Guided Overland Trips Reserva Natural Cabo Blanco Costa Rica (map)
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Do you know what you’re capable of? We want to show you that it’s so much more than you think. Join us for 10 days of exploring, driving, learning, and relaxing, as we show you how to be an Overlander! We define overlanding as traveling with your own car for long periods of time. It’s that simple and it can be an amazing way to see the world, while enjoying the comforts of the same bed every night, your own means for cooking, and most importantly, having your own familiar space in unfamiliar places. Some Overlanders spend years choosing and outfitting our perfect “home on wheels” while others just jump in the car they have and start driving. Some Overlanders set out for an indefinite amount of time, planning to go until they don’t want to anymore, and some people only have a short time to see as much of the world as possible. Some overlanders choose the Pan-American Highway which runs from the Southern tip of Argentina to the farthest drivable point in Alaska. Some choose The Road of Bones an infamously difficult and remote track across Russia. The point is that there’s no one way to do it, the only requirement is that you get out and do it.

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Women are capable of anything. So imagine yourself in a group of capable women, driving through the Costa Rican jungle, crossing rivers, avoiding low-hanging vines, and eventually emerging on to a completely deserted beach. There you set up your roof-top tent, grab a cocktail, and talk with the other women about what you saw and achieved that day. You share a meal of fresh fish, rice, and plantains prepared by locals in a neighboring village, as you watch the sunset over the ocean. The night ends with a campfire and stories of everyone’s travels around the world. You retire to your tent feeling like what you did that day was more than you could have imagined. That’s when you remember, women are capable of anything. And this was only day 1...